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Jonah Hill Says Filming Sex Scenes Is 'Never Sexy'

'It's very mechanical, and there are 800 burly crew dudes around. There's not a strong vibe,' 'The Sitter' actor jokes.
By Kevin P. Sullivan, with reporting by Josh Horowitz

Jonah Hill
Photo: MTV News

Jonah Hill has some advice for filming sex scenes: It's best to do it with a friend. Otherwise, it's going to get awkward.

When it came time to film the sex scene briefly shown in the red-band trailer for Hill's upcoming film "The Sitter," he was lucky enough to be working with a friend. "Ari Graynor plays my girlfriend, and she's great. We're really good friends, so it was not weird or anything," he told us during "MTV First." "It was actually really funny, and we laughed about it. She was so committed and cool."

In "The Sitter," Hill plays Noah Jaybird, arguably the world's worst babysitter. Noah has more than a healthy sexual appetite, and when Graynor's character promises to go all the way with him if he makes it to a party, he has little choice but to take the kids along for the ride.

For Hill, the key to surviving a sex scene is to make sure you're friends with your partner beforehand. "If you're friends with the person, it's funny," he explained. "If you're not, it's just awkward."

But "funny" is the best you're going to do, Hill said. "It's never sexy. You know what I mean? It's never like, 'Aw, man, that was really sexy,'" Hill said. "It's like 8 a.m., and they've been drinking coffee. It's very mechanical, and there are 800 burly crew dudes around. There's not a strong vibe."

Then again, that's not too different from Hill's own sex life. "It's like when I have sex in real life: 8 a.m., coffee, mechanical crew members," he joked.

"The Sitter" hits theaters on December 9.

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