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When Is Kristen Stewart on Team Jacob?

When Is Kristen Stewart on Team Jacob?

On the big screen, Kristen Stewart's alter ego Bella Swan may be all about her sparkly Edward, but when it comes to actually watching the Twilight series, the actress is definitely on Team Jacob.

In Glamour magazine's November issue, Stewart tells Twilight author Stephenie Meyer (who interviewed her for the cover story) why it's more satisfying to watch the movies with her on-screen best friend Taylor Lautner than her vampire love (and rumored off-screen beau) Robert Pattinson, Access Hollywood reports.

"It's fun to watch with [Taylor Lautner] because we actually sit and watch it," Stewart, 21, explains. "Me and Taylor are actual Twilight fans, so we can sit there and be totally into it! Whereas I sit there with Rob [Pattinson]…he likes it, but he has just such a different energy."

The maker of the entire Twilight universe agreed, adding: "Oh, Rob and Taylor have completely different energy! Watching it with Taylor, you feel afraid that you’ll get ice down the back of your neck or a grape in your face."

Stewart also gave readers some relationship advice.

"Hmm…good relationship advice for me tends to be being honest and knowing yourself. Don’t be an a**hole. That's my advice. Don't be mean. Don't take s***. Don't settle," she said.

Source: http://www.ivillage.com/when-kristen-stewart-team-jacob/1-a-387925

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